Hair Transplant Future Technologies

Dr. Mejia recently attended the American Society of Dermatologic Meeting in Orlando, FL. This article was featured on January 6, 2011 in Internal Medicine News with embedded video shown below.

Internal Medicine News Article

Will A Hair Transplanted Follicle Grow?

Television Reporter investigates hair transplanted follicles. Dr. Mejia speaks about hair restoration.

Women Hair Transplant Before and After – Video Testimonial

A woman describes her feelings after hair transplantation surgery with Dr. Ricardo Mejia of Jupiter Florida.

Hair Restoration By A Beautiful You

A Beautiful You TV hosted by Jane Rumbaua and Kelly Crosby take an inside look into hair restoration and hair transplant for women and men.

Hair Transplant Radio DJ Mo Foster

Radio Host Andy preston of the Gater reveals his thoughts at six weeks following his hair transplantation procedure and looks ahead at future results.