Beard Transplant

Men around the world are using beard hair transplants to give them a fuller, denser beard, free from sparse patches and imperfections for a stronger, more masculine appearance.
Not everyone can grow the perfect beard. The simple fact is that facial hair is non-essential in today’s modern world, and many find find themselves with a weak, wispy looking beard or display patchiness or a general lack of shape or definition. Styling and grooming can only do so much. A beard hair transplant is the only proven remedy for a better facial profile to enhance their appearance. The demand for procedures like these has risen exponentially.
In recent years, beard hair transplants have exploded in popularity, partly due to the growing preference for bearded men, but also because many men were simply unaware previously that it was possible to achieve a better beard through follicular unit transplantation also known as FUT. Donor hair is usually taken from the back of the head(although not always), and the results can be incredibly natural, particularly if you head hair density is high.
Dr Ricardo Mejia provides the latest advances in microscopic follicular unit hair transplantation. Dr Mejia is one of the only MD’s that is fellowship trained in hair transplantation, board certified in Dermatology & Dermatological Surgery. We are interested in hearing your needs for hair transplant.
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