Treatment For Women

For women, hair loss can be much more devastating than with men.  Women can suffer from female pattern baldness, thinning on the top and frontal areas, but they are also likely to suffer from distributed hair loss throughout the scalp.

There are a number of reasons for female hair loss.  Hormone imbalances cause thinning hair.  Women who have an under active or overactive thyroid gland may suffer from this.    Treating the thyroid gland will generally correct the problem.  Child birth is another common cause of hair loss in women.   During pregnancy, women’s hormone levels can vary dramatically, causing hair to shed before and after pregnancy.   After the pregnancy and once the hormones have returned to their normal levels, the lost hair will generally grow back.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplants can work in women just as well as men.  The procedure is effective when the hair is concentrated into a particular area, like that of male pattern baldness.

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