Folliculitis Treatment and Causes

In this video Dr. Mejia talks about folliculitis treatment. The word breaks down to hair follicle and “itis” translates to inflammation, which leads to Folliculitis being the inflammation of the hair follicle.

Folliculitis can be caused to due to irritation from clothing, spandex, shorts, etc. In women, it can occur on their lower legs due to constant shaving, ingrown hair follicles and bacterial contamination. If Folliculitis occurs on the body, doctors prescribe an antibiotic and in severe cases an antibacterial body wash soap. If it occurs on the scalp there are similar treatments depending on the clinical situation.

Folliculitis can be very mild, but in some cases such as the scalp, it can be very serious and progress to what is known as “dissecting folliculitis” which results in hair loss and scarring.

If inflammation of the scalp, pimples, or any other signs of folliculitis occur, visit and consult your dermatologist to get the appropriate treatment.

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