1) I “think” I look younger and that makes me “feel” younger. I’m 47 and could easily pass for someone 10 years younger. Specially, since I can out run them anyway!

2) I get comments from people who knew I had the surgery that they can really tell the difference. These are the same people that see me everyday and every once in a while they will just make a comment out of the blue, “Hey, that surgery really worked!”

3) My hair stylist was the first one that started seeing the stubbs as they were sprouting. And she cannot find the place on the back of my head where the harvest was made.

4) I live in Texas and so Dr. Mejia did not remove the stitches. The doctor that did remove them was very impressed with the stitching job” done by Dr. Mejia and that is evident by the comment made by my hair stylist.

5) When I look at old pictures, I am amazed at the transformation. When looking at family albums, my daughters will say, “look dad, that was before your surgery”

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