Helping Hair Transplant Patients

Natural Hair Transplant Results

Natural Hair Transplant Results are expected with the advanced procedures Dr. Mejia utilizes in his office. Hair transplant patients should expect that after undergoing the hair surgery, a friend or colleague wouldn’t even notice a hair surgery took place. Fuller denser hair is possible with natural results.

Michael Shares His Story

I am convinced that you are the best hair transplant surgeon in the world.

I was overwhelmed by the staffs courtesy and hospitality. All my needs were attended to promptly and patiently. I required another procedure and I came back on 11/12/2007. I will also recommend Dr. Mejia to anyone who may be seeking hair loss treatment. Having hair transplant surgery at Jupiter Hair Restoration has been a great experience for me.

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to all the staff that performed my surgery. Second, I have seen great team-work at this clinic. For me, each of them are great! Finally, I know that my result will be successful. I received 2267 grafts on 9/13/06 and 1892 on 11/12/07. I can not begin to tell you how comfortable Dr. Mejia and his staff made me feel fantastic. His presence alone and the way he speaks to you makes you feel like you are in the hands of a person who cares about his patients.

I have been in the marketing and sales markets for 12 years and I deal with people from all over the world. You don’t find people who truly love their profession and are genuine. I have called him several times on his cell phone and I couldn’t believe that on the post operation papers he even provides you with his direct number.

“I have to tell you this…………yesterday I got a haircut from a stylist who I had never been to before. Normally I would have such anxiety over someone new cutting my hair as I was always worried that they would cut too much or not do it just right to cover all the bald spots. I never told the stylist that I had a hair transplant. It is growing so natural looking that no one……not even the hair stylist….would ever know.”

I chose Dr. Mejia on the basis of his surgery expertise and his confidence in being able to effect repairs to give my transplanted hairline a much more natural look. You can also benefit like I have. Call his office and schedule an appointment. You will not be disappointed.

Michael, Florida

JH Shares Why He Chose Dr. Mejia

After 24 years in the hair-loss industry (non-surgical) and hair styling I have seen a lot of BAD HT’s out there and I even have covered up thousands of dollars of HT’s with non-surgical HP’s. I took my own decision very seriously and considered all of my options with finding the right Dr. for me. I considered going to the Burger King’s of HT’s but not personal enough for me.

But hey people this if very personal and with you for life so take is seriously. A sales guy at the BIG BOX companies will push you through and not care about you as a person or the results. These companies have to pay for all of those commercials you see everywhere and guess who pays (you)! That’s what keeps the giant wheel rolling with those places.

Think about it you are picking a person and their skill to cut open the back of your scalp and punch thousands of holes or slices and move lots of hair to the front and attempt to make it look awesome as it can be! They need to be an artist people! My clients look at me all day with my work, so Dr. Mejia did his job and took control and I wanted him to do what he thought would represent his work best on me.

That’s what should happen even when going to just get a haircut at the stylist. His chair-side manner was it for me and I knew he would be the ONE who would be doing and or supervising my whole day in the chair (10) hours for a fact. I was given a very though handout explaining the pre and post-op procedures and I followed them to a t.

I was most worried about the bumpy scarring that could occur and that I’ve seen on some of my own clients in the front and wide scar in the back and how my own body would heal. When I finally made the decision to go for it I had to feel comfortable and confident with my Doctor. Dr. Mejia did the whole consultation thoroughly and concisely. I told Dr. Mejia do it the best you can and if you see me out at dinner somewhere I want you to be able to be proud of what you did for me and say that’s one of my pieces of art! That’s how I feel about my own clients.

At this point in the process and considering the time, pain, and money I would totally do this all over again without a problem picking Dr. Mejia! Dr. Mejia also takes care of all of my own 5 employee’s regular skin treatments and we all love him and his staff!


Dennis Shares A Testimonial

I would like to take this time to express my utmost respect and appreciation for Dr. Ricardo Mejia and his staff at Jupiter Dermatology and Hair Restoration.
I recently have had a second hair restoration procedure done and this experience from beginning with making the call to the office, to the consultation, to the actual procedure was absolutely amazing. I am positively thrilled with the results and extremely happy that I decided to go with Dr. Mejia and his staff oppose t o the surgeon who performed the first procedure I had done 12 years ago.

When I first called to inquire about the procedure, Dr. Mejia’s staff was extremely easy to talk to. They were very kind, very professional and above all, very knowledgeable. They answered every one of my many questions before I decided to schedule the actual consultation with Dr. Mejia.

When I met Dr. Mejia, I felt at ease right away. He was very very kind and very very thorough during the consultation. He answered every question and concern that I had. I knew right away that he was the surgeon that I wanted to have the surgery performed by.
On the day of my surgery, I noticed so many different things, one being the respect that Dr. Mejia and his staff had for one another.

In this day and age when patient and customer service standards have all but diminished, not only was so much kindness extended towards me, but seeing them work together as a team so harmoniously was wonderful.

I believe I was scheduled to have two thousand graphs done that day but because of Dr. Mejia and his staff’s hard work, determination and dedication to their craft, I was given almost a thousand more graphs extra graphs. The procedure took much longer due to that and everyone was amazing. In fact, it was actually fun.

While Dr. Mejia and his staff remained very focuses with such precise hard work, I got to lie there and talk to them about music, movies, actors and all kinds of entertainment. It was great. It would have been very uncomfortable to lie there all that time with silence.

As for the results, I love it! There graphs have been growing in beautifully! I am so happy with the work that Dr. Mejia and his staff did. It’s absolutely amazing! I cannot get over how quickly the graphs started growing in. Everyone around me has been noticing. I am so happy I had it done. I just wish I did not wait as long as I did to continue with hair restoration.

I would have a ton of hair with all the graphs Dr. Mejia did but because I did not go sooner, I will need to go back to have other areas made thicker. And after the fantastic experience I had with Dr. Mejia and his staff, there is no other surgeon or office that I would go to.

I personally would like to thank Dr. Mejia and his entire staff for the utmost kindness and professionalism and I recommend them without hesitation as I am convinced that he is the best surgeon for this procedure.

Sincerely and respectfully, Dennis
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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