JH Shares Why He Chose Dr. Mejia

After 24 years in the hair-loss industry (non-surgical) and hair styling I have seen a lot of BAD HT’s out there and I even have covered up thousands of dollars of HT’s with non-surgical HP’s. I took my own decision very seriously and considered all of my options with finding the right Dr. for me. I considered going to the Burger King’s of HT’s but not personal enough for me.

But hey people this if very personal and with you for life so take is seriously. A sales guy at the BIG BOX companies will push you through and not care about you as a person or the results. These companies have to pay for all of those commercials you see everywhere and guess who pays (you)! That’s what keeps the giant wheel rolling with those places.

Think about it you are picking a person and their skill to cut open the back of your scalp and punch thousands of holes or slices and move lots of hair to the front and attempt to make it look awesome as it can be! They need to be an artist people! My clients look at me all day with my work, so Dr. Mejia did his job and took control and I wanted him to do what he thought would represent his work best on me.

That’s what should happen even when going to just get a haircut at the stylist. His chair-side manner was it for me and I knew he would be the ONE who would be doing and or supervising my whole day in the chair (10) hours for a fact. I was given a very though handout explaining the pre and post-op procedures and I followed them to a t.

I was most worried about the bumpy scarring that could occur and that I’ve seen on some of my own clients in the front and wide scar in the back and how my own body would heal. When I finally made the decision to go for it I had to feel comfortable and confident with my Doctor. Dr. Mejia did the whole consultation thoroughly and concisely. I told Dr. Mejia do it the best you can and if you see me out at dinner somewhere I want you to be able to be proud of what you did for me and say that’s one of my pieces of art! That’s how I feel about my own clients.

At this point in the process and considering the time, pain, and money I would totally do this all over again without a problem picking Dr. Mejia! Dr. Mejia also takes care of all of my own 5 employee’s regular skin treatments and we all love him and his staff!


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