Check out the videos from my hair transplant surgery … if you dare

It’s been just over a month since my hair transplant and almost all evidence that I even had a transplant is gone.

The scar on the back of my head almost invisible thanks to Dr. Mejia’s tricophytic closure where he overlaps one layer of skin over another to allow the hair to grow through the scar.

And as far as pain and discomfort goes, that’s never been a factor, which was a little surprising considering some of the stories I’ve read or heard.

But having said all that, I still believe I am balder now than I was going into the operation. That’s normal, according to the doctor and other men who’ve gone through transplants, but it does make me a little impatient.

Dr. Mejia says I should start seeing some results in another two months. And the final results will be evident in another 11 months.

Right now, I have some sparse transplant hairs that have not fallen out since the surgery, so maybe that’s the beginning of the new growth.

Below is a photo I took two days after my surgery when I had to show up to court for my arrest documenting the Occupy Miami eviction, which shows the areas where eventually I will have real hair.

And here is a photo I took yesterday, a month after that court date, where I had just stepped out of the pool, meaning my hair is wet and making me look even balder, showing there is plenty of empty space for the 2,799 hair grafts that Dr. Mejia transplanted to fill.

One of the reasons I took several weeks to update this blog was because I had stupidly deleted the video footage from my camera during the operation in an attempt to make more room in the hard drive.

I blame the Valium and Lortab because I never do such stupid things. Usually, cops are the ones who delete my footage.

But thanks to the latter, I have plenty of experience in recovering the footage, but even then, it’s still a lengthy process, especially when it involves so many clips.

So the above video is of the actual procedure, which I should warn you, includes some graphic footage of the back of my sliced open with Dr. Mejia removing a strip of hair, then sewing it up as he explains the trycophitic closure.

I was a little restless during the operation despite having taken two Valiums and two Lortabs because I wanted to ensure everything went well with the video production.

Luckily, Dr. Mejia is not uptight and has a sense of humor because he dealt with it perfectly.

Then after I was sewn up, I received a call from the Miami New Times about a story I had posted earlier that morning where I described how the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Homeland Security Bureau had been monitoring my Facebook page hours before my arrest, indicating that my arrest wasn’t as random as they had tried to make it out to be.

Despite being high on the medication, I was able to give a somewhat coherent interview.

Now that I have those videos posted, I should be able to update this blog on a more regular basis. I have a video of Dr. Mejia removing the stitches as well as a few videos of Dr. Mejia explaining different aspects of a hair transplant surgery that I plan to post in the next couple of weeks.

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