Hair Transplant Alternatives – Non Surgical Hair Growth Products

Non-surgical hair growth products are becoming increasingly more popular. The keys for effectively treating hair loss are a proper diagnosis by an expert, early intervention and proper education for all of the non-surgical and surgical hair loss solutions.

We offer choices for treating your thinning hair or hair loss:

Propecia or Finasteride: These are oral medications that are for men. It comes in 5mg tablets, so for men, they should be quartered and taken once a day. It is only used in women who cannot get pregnant due to birth defects; therefore the tablets should be halved and taken once a day.


Spironolactone: (women only) This medication is for non childbearing women. It is a tablet and dosages range from 50-100mg twice a day. The medication is a potassium sparing diuretic but functions as an anti-androgen.


Rogaine or Minoxidil: The topical solutions come in 2% for women and 5% for men. They are to be used twice a day to scalp to reactivate your hair’s natural growth cycle by reinvigorating hair follicles that are shrunken due to hereditary hair loss.


The active ingredient in ROGAINE® products, minoxidil, reactivates your hair’s natural growth cycle by reinvigorating hair follicles that are shrunken due to hereditary hair loss. Over time, ROGAINE® products will reduce your hair loss and regrow natural, thicker-looking hair.

PRP/ACell: The newest technology to be used off label to stimulate follicular growth. Effective in both men and women. It is your own blood platelets which contain many growth factors, are injected into the scalp. All these stem cells and growth factors may reactivate the hair follicle thus stimulating hair growth.

The Laser Light Comb: Used three times a week for 8-15 minutes, this low level laser treatment may help stimulate hair growth.


Capillus Portable Low Level Laser Therapy Device: Treatment option for male/female pattern hair loss that emits low level laser to the treatment to the scalp in an effort to stimulate and improve the quality of hair. Recommended use is 30min 3x a week.


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