ISHRS 26th Annual World Congress Recap

The ISHRS 26th Annual World Congress in Hollywood California was attended by participants from 55 countries. The ISHRS doctors gather annually to share and advance knowledge and techniques to improve the quality of hair transplants worldwide.  This years program was filled with knowledge to improve the quality of hair restoration and surgical treatments. Pictured above, at the opening session were Program Chair Dr. Mohebi, executive Director Victoria Ceh, President Dr. Hwang, Keynote Speaker Dr. Rassman, Scientific Chair, Dr. Wolf and Dr. Mejia launching patient safety and awareness campaign with Dr. True and  Dr. Harris.

Some of the topics included the latest developments in the molecular biology of the skin and hair follicle, the influence of gender, age and pattern alopecia, hair transplant treatment for psoriasis, PRP use, new concepts in the hair line design and female hair restoration.

One of the benefits of ISHRS membership and meetings is a newcomers program for every new member to be integrated with experienced hair transplant surgeons to facilitate transition and learn from their experience. In the photos above, ISHRS members shared knowledge during a breakfast networking session with new hair transplant surgeons.
During the body hair, eyelash and eyebrow session, speakers discussed cases body hair, eyelash and eyebrow transplantatioin. Pictured above are Jeffrey Espstein from the United States as moderator and Sebastian Yriart who spoke about eyebrow reconstruction.  Sanusi Umar from the United States discussed body hair to scalp hair transplant. Akhilendra Singh showed case studies of beard and body hair transplant. Jufang Zhang from China and TsaiChing Chou from Taiwan discussed eyelash transplant suregery in Asian population.
In another session, speakers discussed diagnostic approaches to hair loss such as image analysis and identifying Alopecia Areata.
On Day 2, there was a breakfast with the experts round table discussion focusing on variety of key issues in advancing hair restoration techniques.
Closing off this amazing event was the Awards Gala. Hair transplant doctors from all over the world honored Mario Marzola from Australia with the Manfred Lucas Achievement Award.  It is the highest honor the ISHRS gives to an individual that has contributed greatly with passion dedication and ethics to the field of hair restoration surgery.
As a Board Member of the ISHRS, Dr. Mejia is truly proud of this top notch organization. But mostly the comraderie and learning from brilliant minds.
Here are some videos of ISHRS members sharing their experience:

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