Hair Growing in Strong Ten Months After Operation

When my friend Blanca Mejia asked me in December 2010 if I would be interested in having her brother do a hair transplant on me in exchange for blogging about my experience, I told her I would be up to the idea, but didn’t think much of it until a year later when I realized my hair was progressively becoming thinner.

It was within the first week of January 2012 and I had resolved to do something about my hair before it got any worse, so I sent her a message, asking her if her brother would be interested in going along with the project.

I was 43 years old and had recently lost about 15 pounds and figured I would look better with a fuller head of hair.

I didn’t realize how much better.

Today, ten months after the procedure, I am amazed at what a difference it has made. The pictures speak for themselves.

Everything that Dr. Mejia said would happened has come true. My face looks slimmer, I look much younger and the women find me more attractive.

While many women are not bothered by hair loss in men, it is only natural that they would be more attractive to a fuller head of hair as long as it looks natural, even if they won’t admit it.

Now, women tend to stare a little longer and flirt a little stronger and just come across a little more friendlier. I’d never let the hair loss get in the way of dating, but now I do a lot less pursuing.

When I tell women I’ve had a transplant, they are blown away and say they would never have guessed. Many of them have horror stories of bad hair transplants they’ve seen where it was immediately obvious a hair transplant was done because it was so badly done.

The key to a good transplant is that nobody notices you had one done, even if they’ve known you for a long time. They might say you look better but they can’t pinpoint exactly why.

As Dr. Mejia promised, my hairline was restored to its natural state as to how it looked in my early 20s. I’ve always had a high hairline but it used to grow in a way where I could give the illusion that I had more hair.

He said it would look unnatural for the shape of my face to give me a higher hairline and now I know what he means.

It took several months for the hair to achieve a natural look. For the first five months after the operation, I wore my hat because the new hair was much shorter than the existing hair, so it made it seem obvious I had received a transplant.

But one day less than six months into the procedure, I received a hair cut in which much of the hair was even. You can see how it looked seven months after the operation in the video below.

Full growth is not reached until 18 months after the procedure, so I still have another eight months to go to see it at its full potential.

But I can already see it’s masterpiece. Dr. Mejia is not only a skilled doctor but a talented artist.

I would tip my hat off to him except I haven’t worn it in three months.

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