Do Women Prefer Fat Men or Bald Men? Let’s Ask iJustine.

You know you’re out of touch with pop culture when you’re excitedly told that iJustine is going to be at an event and you’re like, “who the hell is that?”.

It turns out, iJustine is very hot. Not just in the physical sense but in the celebrity sense.

And more impressively, she did it all through Youtube videos. Armed with nothing but a handheld digital video camera and a laptop, she started producing videos of herself going about her day.

Yes, we’ve all seen people who do that. In fact, Youtube is filled with people like that. And most of them suck, which is why I spend as little time on Youtube as possible.

But iJustine has the distinction of appearing not to take herself seriously when in fact, she takes herself very seriously, which is the secret of her success.

But I didn’t find all this out until after I had met her and started Googling her.

The night I met her, which was about a week before my hair transplant operation, she was just another pretty face with some kind of celebrity status. And those are a dime-a-dozen in Miami.

So I decided to ask her the question I’ve been meaning to ask all females since launching this blog.

“Would you prefer a bald man or a fat man?”

The truth is, most women would prefer a chiseled man with a full head of hair, but there aren’t that many to go around.

And when we get older, we tend to either gain weight or lose hair or both.

It’s a question that’s been asked countless times on the internet. And the answer is pretty obvious once you realize women crave sex just as much as men.

They would prefer a bald, fit man over a fat man with a full head of hair.  They’d rather stroke their fingers over a man’s muscular buttocks than run their fingers through his hair.

But iJustine – who is never at a loss of words in her videos – refused to answer that simple question.

Granted, she has the looks, age and celebrity status where she doesn’t have to settle for one or the other, but it was just a hypothetical question. And we all had a good laugh over it as you can see in the above video. She’s a very cool chick.

I bring all this up because it was on the morning after my 43rd birthday last September that I realized I was on my way to becoming a fat, bald middle-aged man. And I wanted to do all I can to prevent that.

That is why I did not hesitate to get this hair transplant when it was offered to me. It’s been less than three months, so I’m just now beginning to see the results of the new hair.

And although it will take at least another year to see the full results, you can see from the above photo that I’m making progress if you compare them to photos I posted previously on this blog.

The area around my hairline that is slightly shaded is where the hair is growing out.

Meanwhile, I am focusing on my weight loss.

A couple of weeks after my birthday, I was conversing with my friend, Alex de Carvalho at a party, who had recently lost more than 50 pounds through a juice fast.

And he motivated me to start changing my eating habits, which caused me to start seeing instant results.  In a matter of months, I saw my weight drop form 205 to 182 before it started hovering around 185 and eventually 190 where it remains today. I would like to work it down to where it permanently stays at 180, which would be an ideal weight for my age and height at 5’9”.

No longer do I wake up and treat myself to a breakfast of buttered Cuban toast and ham croquettes from my local Cuban diner, followed by lunch, dinner and midnight meals of burgers, fries, wings, pizza, pastas and sandwiches, much of it swallowed with endless rounds of beer.

Now I wake up and indulge in a hemp berry almond milkshake that I prepare in my blender. Although it is banned from being grown in this country, hemp can be imported from Canada.

Contrary to what the government would like you to believe, it will not get you high. Instead, it is packed with protein, fiber, amino acids and omega fatty acids. Mixed with frozen berries, which are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it makes the perfect breakfast food.

I also started including salads in my diet where I would never eat that before. Usually salads topped with steak, chicken or fish because I’m all about the protein.

And I snack on nuts throughout the day instead of Cuban bread, which is one of the best-tasting breads in the world. And I also got into the habit of drinking vegetable juices that I prepare in a juicer for optimum nutrients with hardly any calories.

I essentially cut out bread, pastas, pizzas, burgers and fried food, but not to the point where I won’t allow myself to indulge every once in a while.

Now my biggest challenge is getting back into the workout routine, which will consist of running on the treadmill and lifting weights, which will help me lose those last stubborn ten pounds.

But losing weight is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise, I have learned, so I’m more than halfway there.

And I will reach my goal before my transplanted hair grows out.

But let’s go back to the original question. What do ladies prefer? A bald man or a fat man?

I would love to hear from the ladies. But please give me a more direct response than iJustine did.

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